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On a mission to explore every country in the world from A to Z, one step at a time by 2030.

10 things I learnt about Lithuania

"Where is Lithuania? And what exactly is there to see?" would be a fairly normal response to my enthusiasm for a 3 day trip to the Baltic state. Dividing my time between the baroque capital Vilnius, the nation's quieter second city Kaunas and the enchanting pine forests of Aukstaitija National Park, here are the 10 things I learnt.

A weekend in Cork, Ireland

The plate of Manooshet Falafel appeared in front of me, straight from the oven. The freshly baked flat bread generously topped with falafel, hummus, tahini and rocket, and gently dusted with sumac made me salivate. I had been stuffing myself the whole day, but suddenly found more room in my belly for this feast. Eating traditional Palestinian food...

Croatian Magic: Plitvice, Zadar and its outlying islands

Not quite the 101 Dalmations but Dalmatia is stunning in its own way. This coastal region of Croatia stands out not only for its Italian-influenced towns but also for the hundreds of outlying islands that are often a short ferry ride away. I based myself in Zadar, however the true magic of my trip was getting lost while hiking through the nearby...

Estonia: Adventures outside the capital

Fun Facts about Estonia Having long left the days of Soviet rule, Estonia’s excellence in the digital sphere has earned it the nickname ‘e-Stonia’The first software developers of Skype were EstonianBolt (formerly Taxify) was founded in Tallinn in 2013 and still is headquartered therePublic transport in Tallinn is free for...

Tallinn: A Scandinavian Disneyland?

“A Scandinavian Disneyland?” I remember thinking as I walked through Tallinn’s Old Town covered in a fresh coat of snow. Any expectations of grey, ex-Soviet influences certainly did not materialise. It seemed the whole town tried to remain true to its fairytale charms, despite being close to becoming the “Bangkok of the...

The A to Z Journey