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Estonia: Adventures outside the capital

Fun Facts about Estonia Having long left the days of Soviet rule, Estonia’s excellence in the digital sphere has earned it the nickname ‘e-Stonia’The first software developers of Skype were EstonianBolt (formerly Taxify) was founded in Tallinn in 2013 and still is headquartered therePublic transport in Tallinn is free for...

Tallinn: A Scandinavian Disneyland?

“A Scandinavian Disneyland?” I remember thinking as I walked through Tallinn’s Old Town covered in a fresh coat of snow. Any expectations of grey, ex-Soviet influences certainly did not materialise. It seemed the whole town tried to remain true to its fairytale charms, despite being close to becoming the “Bangkok of the...

North Macedonia: Venturing off the chosen track

I didn’t know what to expect when I touched down in North Macedonia. I just knew that Lake Ohrid was a stunner and there was a long-running dispute with Greece over use of the name ‘Macedonia’. It’s far from a melting pot of Lonely Planet-carrying or fanny pack-toting tourists, but for me that made it all the more interesting.

Malta: The Islands of Gozo and Comino

A whole new world exists outside the main island of Malta. Here are my adventures from the islands of Gozo and Comino, in the middle of February, when there's barely anyone else visiting, and where history goes back thousands of years.

Exploring Malta: where Europe meets North Africa

I made three assumptions when I booked my ticket to Malta one grey Saturday in November. The first was that it was a single island in the Mediterranean. The second was that the only things to see were alluring beaches. And the third was that given its popularity with tourists, it might be hard to stick to my budget of £40 per day (including...

The A to Z Journey